Contents Insurance FAQs

You can lodge your claim through the Qikio website here.

You’ll be asked to provide:

1. Information about your policy & details of the event that has occured. Like what has happened, when & where.

2. Any images of the damage that has occured.

3. Police reports where the claim relates to theft or malicious damage.

Once you’ve submitted the details of your claim, Chubb’s claims team will be in touch with you to provide a claim number, request additional information (where needed) and talk to you about next steps with your claim.

You can locate your policy number on your Certificate of Insurance.

Whilst this is handy for Chubb to have, you don’t need your policy number to start your claim. You can lodge your claim online, provide information about the event that has occurred and then one of Chubb’s claims specialists will get in touch with you to help locate your policy number.

The Qikio Contents Insurance policy is issued and underwritten by Chubb. A world wide recognised company that our customers can trust.

Your excess is the amount you pay toward the cost of your claim for each incident covered by your policy.

Your excess is shown on your certificate of insurance and applies to all claims unless your policy states otherwise.

You can be asked to contribute this cost upfront, or it can be deducted from an amount that Chubb pays you.

An Unoccupied Excess will also apply if at the time of the instance covered by your policy, your home has been unoccupied for more than 60 continuous days.

Absolutely! during your quote, prior to purchasing your policy, you can select an excess that best suits your budget. The higher your excess, the cheaper your premium is.

You are required to pay the premium on or before the Policy Start Date. You can choose to pay your premium annually or in monthly instalments, which Chubb can direct debit from the debit or credit card that you nominate.

The annual premium or the first monthly premium (as applicable) will be debited from your nominated account or credit card on or before the Policy Start Date and on the same day of each subsequent month for policies paid by instalment.

The Qikio Contents Insurance policy will renew automatically, however if you prefer you can tell Chubb that you wish to opt out of the automatic renewal.

Chubb will send your renewal notice about four weeks before your policy period ends and will debit the premium for the renewal policy using the payment details you provided when applying for cover, unless you have opted out of automatic renewal.

If you have opted out of automatic renewal you will need to contact Chubb to accept your renewal offer.

You can contact Chubb on 1800 952 357 to make changes to your policy, or request a call back from Chubb by chatting with Qikio online.

Please note that Chubb may be unable to process a mid-term variation to your policy. In that case, you can cancel your policy (and receive a refund on any premium owing) and incept a new policy that includes the required changes. A new premium will be payable for the new policy before it takes effect. Please ensure the new policy commences immediately after you cancel your policy to avoid gaps in cover.

The policy will cover your contents for loss or damage caused by flood.

Flood means the covering of normally dry land by water that has escaped or been released from the normal confines of any lake, river, creek or other natural watercourse (whether or not these have been altered or modified), reservoir, canal or dam.

Contents means personal property kept at the insured property that you or a family member own. This includes things like unfixed carpets, clothing and furniture. Please include the replacement cost of your valuables (such as jewellery and watches),art and antiques, and electronic contents (such as music or computer game collection) when selecting the contents insured amount. Limits and exclusions apply (including $2,000 per item and $5,000 in total for valuables, and for art antiques). Please see the PDS.

If you are dissatisfied or have a complaint about Qikio (e.g., the content on this website or how the product is promoted and distributed), you can contact Qikio on 1300 459 346.

If you are dissatisfied or have a complaint about Chubb (e.g. the cover provided under the insurance policy, the way the policy is administered or about a claim), you can contact Chaubb on 1800 952 357.

The policy provides cover for loss or damage to personal effects (which includes jewellery and mobile electronic devices) which is caused by a defined event and occurs while they are temporarily removed from the insured location.

The maximum payable under this benefit is $2,000 per item and $5,000 in total per claim.

Contents are only covered at the insured location except as covred under the following aditional benefits:

(a) cover for loss or damage to contents intransit to the insured location caused by certain events; and

(b) cover for loss or damage to personal effects (as descibed above in the FAQ: ’Does the policy cover portable valuables outside the home’).

The policy provides cover for physical loss or damage to contents caused by certain defined events only. It does not cover accidental breakage.

You can cancel your policy at any time by notifying Chubb in writing. Please email Chubb at Refer to the PDS for details on cancellation and cooling off.

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